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PostSubject: FAMOUS OP WANKS   FAMOUS OP WANKS EmptyFri Apr 09, 2010 3:47 pm

Ok look at this post/thread on Logia Wanking by Endless Mike on the OBD. These wanking arguments have been used by many people too much (like After Glow)

Logia wank is getting out of hand
Posted 03-08-2008 at 02:09 AM by Endless Mike
Disclaimer: If you don’t read/watch One Piece, I suggest you stop reading this now, since you’ll have no idea what I’m talking about.

Okay, OPtards' logia wanking has always been bad, but in recent weeks it’s just gotten ridiculous. I posed a question in a thread asking whether a Logia would survive if the planet they were on exploded, and the majority of people answered yes!

Let’s go over the claims one at a time:

1. Regeneration. Logias have great regen, but they are not fucking Dark Schneider or Swamp Thing. They can’t regenerate infinitely, like many people claim. Until we see a logia get his or her body completely disintegrated and reform unharmed, then they can’t. Got it? A logia has never even been shown to survive a kiloton-level explosion, let alone a fucking planet buster. Even if the elements that make up their body are not destroyed, they have never shown the ability to reform from being scattered so far apart.

2. Intangibility. This term is thrown around a lot in regards to logias, but it really doesn’t apply. Intangibility is when a being doesn’t interact physically with the world. You can stick your hand through sand or water, but it’s not intangible, it just flows around your hand. If logias were intangible, they could walk through walls and phase through solid objects, which we have never seen them do - ever. In addition, there’s that scene where Luffy ran into Smoker and Ace and knocked them through the wall - they didn’t transform. This indicates that a logia’s transformation isn’t automatic, they have to react first. Of course, OPtards try to make up a buch of stupid excuses to dismiss this scene, but the fact remains that it’s there, it’s canon, and there’s no getting around it.

3. Infinite elements. This is just fucking stupid. Sure, they can generate a shitload of their element, but it’s a classic no-limits fallacy to say that that since we’ve never seen a limit, there is none. As a matter of fact, we have seen a limit! Wasn’t Ace getting exhausted in his fight with Blackbeard? Weren’t Smoker and Ace using their full power to try to defeat each other but only creating a conflagration the size of a city block or so? When putting, say, Aokiji up against Iceman from X-Men, you can’t just assume that Aokiji can match him for ice generation, when he has never shown such power.

4. Astral bodies. This is one of the most ridiculous ad-hoc claims I have ever seen. In case you’re unfamiliar with the argument, it states that logias really have two bodies: their flesh and blood body, and their element body, which are exchanged into some other dimension whenever they transform. Of course, this is never stated anywhere in canon, and is a completely unnecessary explanation (violating Occam’s Razor). Why couldn’t their bodies simply transform, like any other shapeshifter in fiction? And what happens when they only transform partially? If half of a logia’s body transforms, does that mean that only half of their human body is sent to this hypothetical dimension? Half a body can’t survive by itself, it would bleed to death, and as soon as the logia tried to transform back he would die. There is absolutely no evidence for this whatsoever in canon.

This has really been getting on my nerves lately. Of course now that I have posted this, I’m pretty sure I can expect a bunch of angry fanboys (HAHA Haterade, you can’t touch me here) to come in and start flaming me.
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